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All About Protecting Your Brand in Bangladesh

One can file an application for Patent apply in Bangladesh through an online portal or by applying at the trademark office in Dhaka. In addition to the list of goods and services followed by the Bangladesh Trademarks office, it follows the 10th edition of the NICE classification. Goods applying for marks are registrable in classes 1 – 34 and services applying for registering marks are acceptable under classes 35 – 45.

Bangladesh is a signatory of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. So, you can file a convention application claiming priority in Bangladesh. To claim the priority, you need to have a certified copy of the priority document. You can file a convention application with 3 months of filing your application for trademark in Bangladesh.

A trademark application filed in Bangladesh to claim its usage in Bangladesh will be first examined on all grounds to check if the protection can be granted to the mark. In case of any objection raised in the examination report, a response to the objection must be filed within 3 months of receiving the report. If the response is satisfactory to the trademark office, the Bangladesh trademarks application will be published in the trademark journal. From the date of publication, the mark will be open to opposition for 2 months. In peculiar cases, the opposition period may extend to another 3 months.

In case of no opposition, the Bangladesh trademark office will issue the registration certificate to the respective mark. The Bangladesh trademark registration is valid for 7 years and is renewable every 10 years. To keep your brand protected with a trademark, a trademark renewal application has to be filed 6 months before the last renewal validity. Late renewal is also permissible after the date of expiry but within 6 months. On the grounds of non-use of the trademark, a cancellation application can be filed at the trademark office to remove the mark from the Bangladesh trademarks register.

Bangladesh trademarks allow amendments in the already registered trademark, provided there is no substantial alteration in the identity of the mark or the class of goods and services specified. For further assistance on the trademark registration in Bangladesh, contact expert trademark registration service providers.