Patent Search & Analytics

Novelty Searches

Are you reinventing the wheel?

Our novelty searches effectively establish novelty of a product, process or use. We use paid databases to conduct thorough prior art searches locating patent and non-patent literature across different languages.

Freedom to Operate

Are you stepping on someone’s toes?

We stop you from stepping on someone’s toes, i.e. from infringing someone’s IP rights, by providing freedom to operate searches and analysis before you launch your product or process or service. We can conduct FTO searches in any jurisdictions of your choice.

Patent Landscape

Who did what, when and how?

Before you embark upon your next R&D plan, or a merger & acquisition or a new product/market idea, or even evaluate your current standing, we will put ourselves in between your decision and vast amount of unstructured technical/patent data to present you insights to help you in every which way possible. Our reports are highly customisable.