Patent Translations Services

Global Patent Translation Solutions So Your Ideas Are Never Lost In Translations!

We provide exceptional patent translation services and at exceptionally cost-effective prices. 

Our translators network is adept at translating patent specifications and related documents. All patent translations must cater to: 

1. Nuances of Patent Law

2. Nuances of Technology

3. Nuances of the Language 

We know that different countries implement different claim construction strategies such as literal or purposive, our intention is to provide translations that work in accordance with the local law or practice of claim construction and interpretation. 

We ensure that patent translation support is provided at all levels – from filing until prosecution, where we translate office action responses as and when needed. 

We provide translation support in following languages: 

1. Spanish

2. Portuguese

3. Chinese 

4. Japanese

5. Korean

6. Hebrew

7. Bahasa Indonesia

8. Vietnamese

9. Thai

10. Russian 

11. Italian 

12. Dutch

13. German

14. French

We ensure that your ideas are never lost in translations. 

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