September 6, 2022 In International, Trademark

Trademark Registration In Indonesia

Businesses looking forward to spreading their business in ASEAN countries need to make sure to secure their brand in order to avoid identity conflicts in the future. Trademark registration in ASEAN is the only solution to safeguard your brand in international countries. Legal formalities for trademark registration in ASEAN vary from country to country.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration In Indonesia

  • Software copy of the brand name, label, logo, etc., (the sign obtained after checking availability through Indonesia trademark search)
  • Clear mention of class the product/service belongs to
  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Declaration of ownership over the goods/service for which the trademark is applied for
  • Power of Attorney

Trademark Registration Procedure

Formal Examination

A formal examination will be performed to check the authenticity of the information and payment of prescribed fees for trademark registration in Indonesia. All trademarks that pass an initial formality examination will proceed directly to publication.

Trademark Publication And Opposition

The application will then be moved to the publication process, wherein the trademark will be advertised in the Gazette for a period of 2 months for any opposition.

Substantive Examination

  • Your application for trademark registration in Indonesia will be checked for legal compliances. If all requirements are met, you will be given an acceptance letter else will be issued with a trademark objection in Indonesia mentioning the grounds of objection.
  • Upon receiving trademark objection, you need to submit supporting documents to clear the objection.

Registration Procedure

If there is no objection at the substantive examination stage or once the objection is overcome, your trademark will be entered in the trademark register and you will be issued with a certificate of registration.