August 24, 2023 In Trademark

Learn About How To Get Singapore Trademark For Your Indian Brand

Are you looking to expand your business to Singapore? This blog is about protecting your Indian brand in Singapore market through the Singapore trademarks registration. Safeguarding your brand outside India means acquiring the trademark rights in the export market where you wish to commercialize your products and/or service.

In general, you will need to file a separate trademark application at the trademark offices of the respective country where you wish commercialize your brand. Once you are granted the trademark, you will need to adhere to the distinguished procedures of the same office to sustain and manage the rights in the future. Nevertheless, being a person of Indian nationality, you have a cost-effective, attractive and advantageous way to acquire Singapore trademarks and it is through Madrid Protocol.

Based on your trademark in India, you can file Singapore trademarks or trademarks in some or all members of Madrid Union countries where you wish to commercialize your brand and want it to be protected. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland administers the Madrid Protocol. The protocol comes with a set of seamless procedures for filing trademark application in the countries that are the members of Madrid Union.

The international trademark application filed through the IP India (CGPDTM) website will be transmitted to the WIPO for examination, registration followed by publication. Based on the particulars of the trademark filed, say, as you file for Singapore trademarks, the WIPO will notify the Singapore trademarks office of your application. The Singapore trademarks office must respond whether they can grant protection to your mark in their territories. This decision to grant the trademark has to be done within strict time limits.

If the Singapore trademarks office does not intimate any objection within 18 months from the date of notification of international trademark application, the mark will be considered deemed within Singapore territory as if it was directly registered under the Singapore trademarks office. Once your mark is issued as protected, you can manage the future procedures at a single point (WIPO) to extend protection, renew the trademark and various other such events.

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